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Agistment Notice

The Hendra Pony Club Inc, is not an Agistment business, stable or horse boarding facility.

Please do not ask for Agistment if you are a rider 18yrs or over as refusal may offend. This is a pony club for kids who want to be involved in Pony Club and Pony Club run events. Junior members will have priority for Agistment. Only active qualified instructors and judges may be eligible to agist (at the discretion of the committee and only when agistment places are available).

We are a pony club where children under 18yrs can have a horse, so they can be involved in Pony Club and Pony Club run events. Horses need to be attended 365 days a year, ridden or exercised at least once a week (by the agisting member) and all children 16yrs and under must have a parent or guardian present at all times while on the HPC grounds. Agistment is 1 ridden horse per active member which has been approved by the committee. Agisting members are not permitted to swap horses in and out of the grounds (agisted horses are individually approved at all times).

Only active qualified instructors and active judges, that have been instructing at the club and judging within Zone 1 clubs for a minimum of 12 months continually, may be eligible to agist (when spots are available). 

The Hendra Pony club is one of the last inner-city pony clubs in Brisbane and the area surrounding Hendra has long been associated with the racing industry with three race tracks in the vicinity. Sadly many of the area's horse facilities are disappearing for residential and commercial building, but the Hendra Pony Club continues to thrive and offer pony club riders a spot to keep their horse.

Agistment Attendance as set by the Management Committee annually

The committee will review at quarterly periods Agister's records and details of progress for all families will be posted on our members only facebook page: hpc maintenance hours.

Agisters must attend a minimum of 12 pony club orientated events either by riding, judging, penciling or instructing as follows, or the equivalent at other Zone 1 clubs. Events include:

a.       HPC Musters, Points Days, Ribbon Days, fun days, training clinics & Seminars;

b.       HPC Night or Day training days open to all PCQ members;

c.       HPC Trail or Beach rides;

d.       Zone 1 Camps, Schools & Competitions (that is competing, judging or officiating for

             HPC at other Zone 1 clubs, official or unofficial events).

e.       HPC Working bees

Agistment Rules for All Agisters

New Horses Agisting Coming onto the Grounds

Extensive details are provided in the Agistment Regulations. However the following is provided for ease of reference:

The HPC Agistment Coordinator is responsible for the management of horses being introduced to our grounds, including; socialization periods, vaccinations and allocation of yards and storage shed space.

Prior to release it is a good practice to take the horse around our boundaries and the obstacles on the grounds so the horse is familiar with the grounds. 

The owner needs to release in the morning so the horse can have a few hours to negotiate the grounds.     The owner is also advised to stay on the grounds for release for an hour or so to make sure their horse has no problems.

All horses must either be fully vaccinated against Strangles and Hendra Virus, or they must commence those vaccinations whilst in socialisation. Proof of vaccinations is to be provided to our Agistment Coordinator either prior to the horse being brought onto the grounds, or if vaccinations commence in socialisation then at that time. Please see further info below regarding vaccinations, including tetanus.

No Windsuckers allowed to agist on grounds at anytime.

Quarantine - means a sick horse, put in quarantine (Isolation yard) as it is sick and needs to be kept away from other horses till it is well.

Agistment is Only for Members

Becoming a member does not guarantee you an Agistment spot on the grounds. Juniors members have priority but a parent or guardian must be a social member. Applying for Agistment must go through a management meeting. There is very strict conditions of horse entry to the grounds and some horses may not be suited to agist with us. Agistment spots are limited and a waiting list is often place.

Please read the Agistment regulations as all members need to abide by them to stay agisting on the HPC grounds.

Horses are very high maintenance and are quite expensive especially if the horse requires a vet. Hendra Virus shots are $125 annually, farriers can cost between $70-$120 for shoeing every 6 weeks or $40-$50 for a trim, strangles/tetanus vaccinations are $40, annual horse dentistry costs between $60-$120. Feed can cost approx. $50-$100 a week depending on the horses needs. Saddlery, tack, rugs, saddle cloths, uniform, safety equipment, helmets & boots etc, can cost a small fortune. A horse needs to be looked after and feed by the owner 365 days of the year, rain, hail, heat & drought and agisted horses at HPC need to be ridden or exercised by the agisting member at least once a week. Each family needs to put in 20 hours of grounds or equipment maintenance per agisted horse per year. The agisting family must be active in events held at the club, fundraising, social events for the kids etc. Having a horse takes up a lot of time which in this day and age a lot of people can not commit too.

These are just some facts about owning a horse and it is not to put people off but to let them know to really think about it before going further. We advise people who have young kids thinking about having a horse to take them to a riding school like Wattle Creek, City Slickers, Cherbon Waters, Bit n Spur, or Royals Equestrian Centre, to see if it is really what you and your child can commit too.

Hendra Virus, Tetanus & Strangles Vaccinations

All horses on the grounds have been vaccinated against Hendra Virus & Strangles to protect members and their horse.

It is mandatory for all agisting horses to be vaccinated against the Hendra Virus and the certificate must be produced for all new horses agisting. We also require all horses to be vaccinated against Strangles. The vaccination process will need to start while horse is in socialization if not vaccinated prior to coming to our grounds. Proof of vaccination is required.

Only registered vets on the DERM list can administer. 

Our Agistment Coordinator is responsible for collecting and recording all information concerning vaccinations (including Strangles/Tetanus and Hendra). Strangles/Tetanus vaccination comes in one convenient annual dose.