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Hendra Pony Club

PIC No: QHBB 0989

Hendra Pony Club is a small, but very active and vibrant pony club, situated within Brisbane's inner city boundaries. The club has been running since 1959, helping young riders learn how to ride on their own horses and how to compete in club and also at outside events at other clubs. Have a look at the muster & events page for up coming events.

The club will always be limited in size as our grounds can only hold a few horses for members to agist, however we are one of only a handful of pony clubs in Brisbane that are still able to offer agistment.

Prior to the club moving to Nundah it was in Ure Street, Hendra, where parents in the racing industry had ponies in stables around Hendra for their children to use to ride at Pony club and there was no agisting. Once the main runway of the airport was moved and the Gateway Motorway put in, the Brisbane City Council offered the old dump site at Nundah to move the club to. After many years of establishing the grounds, it was made suitable for horses to agist. As the grounds are an old tip, owned by BCC our lease stipulates the grounds must hold a good grass cover at all times. This is why agistment is limited to junior members and high contributing members with strict rules needing to be followed.

Booking Lights - main arena

Update: As from June 2018 use of the arena lights will be free for members. Keys for the lights are accessible from the clubhouse key kitty. Members are asked to ensure they make use of the lights carefully (ie; do not turn on carpark or paddock lighting and do not leave them on when they're no longer needed).

Members wishing to have sole use of the main arena after hours (ie; for a private booking) should contact Gael Gant to confirm and secure the arena booking as necessary.

Previously a minimum of 1/2 an hour was chargeable and the lights could only be booked in groups of either 2 or 4 (ie; the whole arena or 1/2 the arena).   

Previous costs:

-    Whole arena (ie; 4 lights) x 1 hr = $24.00, or 1/2hr = $12.00

-    Half the arena (ie; 2 lights) x 1 hr = $12.00, or 1/2hr = $6.00

Pony club is all about children who own a horse can learn about horsemanship, riding skills and to be out in the fresh air, not in front of the TV or computer. Lessons at musters help teach the new rider how to look after their horse and gear while learning the responsibility of looking after a horse as a new member of their family

In time they become better riders, meet new friends and when they are more confident, go to outside events to tone up more skills to find out what type of riding they would like to do follow the most. When the rider is experienced enough and have their own transport they can compete in zone events, Qld state titles, Nsw state titles and also compete for Australia.

The only downfall of having a horse is it is an expensive, time consuming, on going and unpredictable sport to be in. Horses do have a mind of their own and anything can happen in life. But when you see the smiles on the children's faces when they get ride for the first time off lead, their first canter, first ribbon & first trophy is priceless. 95% of equestrian sports start from pony club.

Fun days and trail rides are included so the riders can also spend time with friends and their horse. Most of the riders attend the Zone 1 Camp, held at Beaudesert in the June/July school holidays. The Zone 1 camp has a wide range of different events that the riders get lessons on all different disciplines they may not get the chance too at their own club, like cattle work, polo etc.

Some riders may get outside specilty instructors to come and give them lessons to learn more on the choosen horse discipline they want to get better at eg: dressage, Showjumping.

Young riders who don't have horses or are waiting to get a horse, can come along and join in on-foot so they can be involved.

Most families have one child that is what you call "horse mad" and the other kids in the family don't care, but get dragged along to the club, so we give them the chance to be involved and compete on foot in their own group on foot.

Hendra pony club supports Zone 1 and Zone 1 club's. There are 18 club's within Zone 1, Zone 1 provide's schools and training for members to help advance riders to compete in offical Zone 1 events and progress to Queensland State Titles. Zone 1 has a website attached to PCAQ website which is on our links page.

Have a look in our Musters and Events page for the Club's calendar for what's on next.

Feel free to come along as new members are welcome.